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Best Stethoscope for Nurses – The requirements of Nurses

Stethoscope-NursesNurses share a close working relationship with doctors and as such need good stethoscopes as well. There is probably a time when the profession calls for a precision tool and finding the best stethoscope for nurses can be a daunting task. A nurse is required to tend to diverse varieties of patients and has to always be ready for their job.

So, there are a number of different stethoscopes readily available in market, both online as well as offline that are just perfect for every kinds of use. The sound quality and clarity are the two main comparing and judging criteria for every stethoscope, and every nurse needs to use their stethoscope all the time so longevity is another thing to keep in mind.


There are a wide variety of stethoscopes available for nurses but certain features of a stethoscope can be used to determine it’s usability and tonal quality; through this a nurse measures BP and hears the “lub-dub” sound of chest. Another quality would be its weight and earpiece. A perfect stethoscope is usually light and easy to carry and the tube quality is better at the same time.

Some people may think that it is a hard task to judge the quality of good stethoscope. Careful examination on its Diaphragm, weight, bell sound, and reviews by customers is surely a great help. It is certainly important for a nurse in the cardiology department to own as well as possess working knowledge about a stethoscope. Depending on the department assigned to a nurse, he or she is expected to have a stethoscope. For instance, nurses working at paediatric wards do not require a stethoscope as much as the colleague in the cardiology department.

The defining features of a quality stethoscope can be summed up in these few features. The Tubing, Chest piece and Binaurals are three important parts of a stethoscope. Each and every part’s quality is significant, for example, earpieces must fit into the ear snugly and it should not be loose or otherwise inserted imperfectly.

The material used for the tube should be made out of good quality and it should be insulated which eliminates any extra noise from intersecting apart from the patients’ organic sounds. Length is also another important factor; it should be ideally 26 to 28 inches. As per expert doctors, their advice to nurses is to not use stethoscope with double tubes since it has some negative issues.

Vocation Suitability and Tasks

It is quintessential for a nurse to have a stethoscope of good quality as we all know the best things in life may come with a high price tag. Since nurses are required to work with doctors and carry out a broad scope of work, a high quality stethoscope is not only a recommendation but a requirement . It is indeed essential to have a great tool that will last for years to come.

There might also be times when doctors depend on nurses who are available in the emergency rooms to check on patients BP, heart rate and a number of major tasks. So it can be understood that choosing the best stethoscope for a nurse is a process every professional nurse will go through as he or she works towards finding the suitable stethoscope.

Choosing the Right Stethoscope

As mentioned earlier, nurses are required to undertake certain tasks while on duty and some of which requires the use of stethoscopes. It is therefore highly recommended that nurses go for the Littmann Select or Littmann Classic II S.E. Both of which are well-priced and adequately suited for the tasks at hand.

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