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Best Stethoscope Reviews

Stethoscopes are an important tool for the medical trade and our research has helped us to create the best stethoscope reviews which will assist you in making an informative decision when it comes to choosing the best stethoscopes.

Choosing the best stethoscope

best-stethoscopesThe current choices available on the market is not huge but finding the most suitable stethoscope still requires some research and effort. For instance, a good stethoscope must fit the vocation whether you are a General Practitioner, Nurse , Cardiologist or Veterinarian.

We have made it a point to present only the best stethoscopes after a period of research. That said, the user will still have to exercise his or her discretion to pick the right stethoscope since every individual’s preference is different and that has to be factored in while making the choice.

Have a look at the stethoscope classification and suitability to gain a better understanding on a stethoscope’s job suitability. We have also reviewed each individual stethoscope, you can read them here.

Defining features of the best stethoscopes

1) Weight

The weight of a good stethoscope should be light and it should not affect the usability.

2) Diaphragm

The Diaphragm is an important aspect to the construction of a good stethoscope since it is the contact point for hearing sounds. If the Diaphragm is of low quality, the sound will be affected and that is not something any medical practitioner wants to have.

3) Headset

Another important feature is the headset of the stethoscope since it is the sound channel and the ear tips must fit well into the ears for good stethoscope auscultation.

4) Chestpiece

The chestpiece is used to listen to the patients’ sound and contributes to the factor of a good quality sound and auscultation.

5) Tubing

The tubing should be made of high quality material that does not interfere with sound quality as inferior material can cause the tubing to be loose or cracked which causes the airtight seal to be broken and a loss of sound.


Functionality is the cornerstone and the differentiating factor between a good stethoscope and a great stethoscope. The quality of a stethoscope can be defined solely on the functionality and how well it assists the medical practitioner.

High quality stethoscopes like the 3M Littmann Cardiology does produce a better sound quality compared to a general entry model like the 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. While both are good for general usage, the higher end models tend to fare better in terms of functionality and performance.

Vocation Suitability

While most stethoscopes are suitable for a variety of related tasks, there are some that lend themselves well to special usages like in the case of cardiologists, pediatricians or veterinarians. Thus is is important to select a custom made stethoscope catered to special needs.

It’s also good to understand more about different medical vocations’ stethoscopes and use the right one for the job.


It should be noted that a professional tool should always be worth it’s value and purchases should not be made based on pricing alone. Just like a good guitarist who uses fine guitars for his performances, so should the stethoscope be to a medical practitioner.

This important trade tool is used for many vital tasks that will potentially save lives. Investing a in high quality stethoscope should be a priority for practicing professionals since it will also affect daily job operations.


The brand of a stethoscope speaks volumes about it’s quality since most would know that Littmann produces some of the most sought after stethoscopes. While the brand does not inherently affect the usage, it does provide a reliability and trust factor.

Other popular brands like Welch Allyn are producing stethoscopes of exceptional quality as well; boutique stethoscopes if you will. The brand shouldn’t be an immense deciding factor since most reputable companies have great products.

User Reviews

User reviews are beneficial since they are the small percentage of customers who have bought a product, loved it so much to return to the website they have purchased to leave a review or vice versa.

Sometimes you might be able to sieve out useful information from user reviews regarding any questions you might have. However, user reviews should not be the benchmark when choosing a good stethoscope as some stethoscopes are just more popular hence receiving more reviews.

More reviews on a given product does not necessarily mean it is suited for your job scope and occupational requirements. Choose the stethoscope that fits your needs best as it will be with you for years to come.

Design and Colors

Put on some artistic flair with colored stethoscopes and designer stethoscopes. Perhaps a gold chestpiece stethoscope would do great and add a touch of elegance to an otherwise monotonous work attire.

Bright colored stethoscopes make for a loud statement and Neon colored stethoscopes scream for attention. Bear in mind that even though there is nothing inherently bad about colored stethoscopes, you might be perceived as unprofessional especially if the color of your stethoscope is bright and flashy.

However, don’t let that stop you from getting a colored stethoscope to stand out from the crowd as it does not compromise your medical skills.

Personal Preferences

You might have a previous stethoscope that has worked well for years and it is time to get a new tool. Choosing to follow this preference will lead you to buy same model or closely similar ones.

Personal preference is something no review can account for since stethoscope reviews are based mainly on features and general usability. No need to feel guilty or bad if you do not get the latest electronic stethoscopes or top tier models since you might already be so used to your current model and want to play it safe by purchasing the same exact model.

Making the decision

Once you have done your research and read through a couple of user reviews, making a decision to get a suitable stethoscope is easier. Choosing the best stethoscope is quite a personal choice and picking the right tool does have deep impact on the job performance.

Taking into account all the factors when choosing a stethoscope, weigh the importance of each factor on a scale of 1 to 10 and rank them accordingly. The factors ranking will give you a good guideline on what you value in your stethoscope be it functionality, price, vocation suitability or any other considerable aspects.

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