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The Stethoscope App That Parents Can Use at Home

Dr. Andrew Lin and Dr. Hon Weng Chong have pioneered a new diagnostic device: the smartphone stethoscope. The team’s device, the StethoCloud, allows physicians and parents alike to diagnose pulmonary illnesses like pneumonia. StethoCloud In 2012, the doctors entered their prototype in the Microsoft Australian Image Cup—and won first place. The StethoCloud has come a […]

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The Molecular Stethoscope: RNA Levels in Blood Reveal Health Issues

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a single-strand biological molecule that performs essential roles within every cell of your body. Specifically, RNA plays an essential role in decoding, regulating and expressing genes. Together with DNA, RNA comprises a group of organic substances known as the “nucleic acids.” Nucleic acids, combined with protein, are essential to all known […]

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University of Wisconsin Enabling Young Students through Stethoscope Donations

The stethoscope is a potent symbol to medical school students. The device represents the profession they aspire to, but more than that, the stethoscope remains the most reliable means to diagnose issues with the heart. Medical students around the world wear their stethoscopes proudly around their necks; it’s as much a status symbol as it […]

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Stethoscope Covers: Attractive Decoration or Bacteria Breeding Ground?

Stethoscope covers allow doctors and nurses to personalize their tools, which can prevent other busy medical professionals from snatching them in hectic work environments. These covers give stethoscopes personality, but they serve a much more important service: they provide a layer of protection against scratches and dings. Called “nurse bling,” by some, covers are more […]

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The Thinklabs Medical iMurmur App: Teaching Clinicians to Recognize Heart Abnormalities

The digital stethoscope has made it possible for doctors and medical students to record heart sounds in high fidelity and to transmit these sounds in real time if need be. The electronic stethoscope was, for a long time, subject to interference and noise, but innovations from firms like 3M, Thinklabs Medical and Eko Devices have […]

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Ultraviolet Light May Provide Solution to Serious Stethoscope Problem

For generations, doctors have used—and sanitized—their stethoscope without issue. Today, however, with the advent of antibacterial-resistant bugs, doctors are finding it a challenge to keep their diagnostic tools clean. A study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings highlights the issue: a random sampling of stethoscopes contained as much bacteria as the palms of their operators’ hands. […]

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Thinklabs One: Electronic Stethoscope Ditches Traditional Design

For over 100 years, the stethoscope has allowed doctors to listen on the inner workings of their patients’ bodies. This non-invasive tool makes it relatively easy to listen to the heart, lungs and lower GI tract. A skilled doctor can detect heart murmurs—a potentially life-threatening abnormality—just by interpreting the gurgling sounds these rips in the […]

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