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Marvelous Images of 3D-Printed Organisms by Six & Five

By Flynn Matthews

What makes some of us feel repelled may be a thing of beauty to others. That seems to be the case with Buenos Aires-based studio and artist collective Six & Five’s newest work. The group has created a wonderfully creepy series of digital creatures that they call “Morbo.” Inspired by oceanic organisms, the Morbo are all that remain of a recently occurred apocalypse, found on toxic beaches during low tide. They are amazingly luring in their hyperrealism.

Designers Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini say, “We understood that it caused a lot of confusion in the spectator, as some thought they were photographs of actual items… others assumed that they were hyperrealistic paintings.” The Morbo made out of white clay using a 3D modeling process, lit, photographed, and then digitally assigned various textures and materials. The result is an image of a foreign object made of fragments that look unbelievably real, but are entirely digital.







Before digital application





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