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How Air Spaces Stimy Ultrasound Scanners and Why the Stethoscope Reigns Supreme

The stethoscope is nearing its 200th birthday, and some medical experts believe that it’s time for an upgrade. These individuals maintain that the underpinnings of the stethoscope’s replacement exists: ultrasound technology. Within a few years—a decade, at most—they say, ultrasound technology will be miniaturized. According to these experts, handheld ultrasound devices, reminiscent of the Star […]

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Stethoscope Covers: Attractive Decoration or Bacteria Breeding Ground?

Stethoscope covers allow doctors and nurses to personalize their tools, which can prevent other busy medical professionals from snatching them in hectic work environments. These covers give stethoscopes personality, but they serve a much more important service: they provide a layer of protection against scratches and dings. Called “nurse bling,” by some, covers are more […]

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What’s in a Waveform? Digital Stethoscopes Reveal More

Doctors have for generations diagnosed heart problems with the manual stethoscope, learning over time to recognize the characteristic sound of various heart murmurs. Heart conditions such as the atrial septal defect and the ejection systolic murmur typically sound the same from patient to patient. Still, there is a significant amount of overlap in sound between […]

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The Thinklabs Medical iMurmur App: Teaching Clinicians to Recognize Heart Abnormalities

The digital stethoscope has made it possible for doctors and medical students to record heart sounds in high fidelity and to transmit these sounds in real time if need be. The electronic stethoscope was, for a long time, subject to interference and noise, but innovations from firms like 3M, Thinklabs Medical and Eko Devices have […]

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The Stethoscope and the Internet of Things

The stethoscope has been at the forefront of medical diagnostic science for the entirety of its existence, even while the creation of sophisticated ultrasound technology threatens to change that. Stethoscope manufacturers like 3M, Thinklabs Medical and Eko Devices hope to keep the 200-year-old device relevant by taking advantage of advances in communications technology— specifically, the […]

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How the 3M Scope-to-Scope System Allows Clinicians to Listen to Heartbeats from Space in Real Time

The stethoscope has a long and proud history, having been invented nearly 200 years ago. The stethoscope’s inventor, René Laennec, built the first version so that he wouldn’t have to put his ear to his patients’ lice-ridden chests. Laennec’s stethoscope was little more than a wooden tube that channeled sound waves a few inches. Today’s […]

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Ultraviolet Light May Provide Solution to Serious Stethoscope Problem

For generations, doctors have used—and sanitized—their stethoscope without issue. Today, however, with the advent of antibacterial-resistant bugs, doctors are finding it a challenge to keep their diagnostic tools clean. A study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings highlights the issue: a random sampling of stethoscopes contained as much bacteria as the palms of their operators’ hands. […]

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Thinklabs One: Electronic Stethoscope Ditches Traditional Design

For over 100 years, the stethoscope has allowed doctors to listen on the inner workings of their patients’ bodies. This non-invasive tool makes it relatively easy to listen to the heart, lungs and lower GI tract. A skilled doctor can detect heart murmurs—a potentially life-threatening abnormality—just by interpreting the gurgling sounds these rips in the […]

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