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Stethoscope Accessories and Bringing Happiness into The Medical Community

Stethoscope-CoverWho said that hospitals have to be boring and plain? These days, many medical professional are buying stethoscope accessories, so they can lighten the mood a little bit and have some fun.

As an example, nurses who work with children have stethoscopes around their neck virtually all the time, and one way they have found to cheer up a sick child is to have a small cuddly toy on their stethoscope

In fact, when you think about it there are many different stethoscope accessories that could be attached to this instrument, and medical professionals all around the world are only limited by their imagination.

Pediatric Stethoscope Accessories

As you are no doubt aware, a pediatric nurse mainly works with children who are suffering illnesses, and this can be done in a range of different settings, such as a hospital, in the home, or at various other locations around the community.

So what about pediatric stethoscope accessories? Surely there must be some good products out there that can help to entertain a small child? Let’s take a look…

Different Colors

One of the most popular stethoscope accessories for pediatrics is something that features multiple colors, perfect for brightening up the day of a sick child and adding a bit of style to an otherwise black or grey stethoscope

Stethoscope Covers

Another stethoscope accessory that is selling like hotcakes right now are covers that come in a variety of patterns and colors. Not only that, but they can also be purchased in a range of animal designs, such as cats, dogs, tigers, and dinosaurs, which are sure to be very amusing to any young child.

Stethoscope Accessories For Nurses

The majority of nurses work in fast paced environments, where they have to care for multiple patients over the course of a single day.

No matter if they are working in a hospital, doctors surgery, or out in the public, they typically carry a stethoscope around their neck at all times, and this is why stethoscope accessories for nurses have become very popular in recent years.

Below are just some of the accessories for stethoscopes that nurses are buying…


One of the main ways that nurses are decorating their stethoscopes these days is with attractive jewelery that can help give the instrument a personal touch. Things such as hanging beads, necklaces and lucky charms are common, and these usually come in many different styles and colors.

Name tags

Quite possibly the main way to make a stethoscope your own is to add a name tag. This helps to add a personal touch to interactions with patients, and is also a way to lighten the mood is an otherwise tense environment. Best of all, these name tag stethoscope accessories can easily be customized with things such as pictures and multiple colors.


Before you rush out to buy stethoscope accessories, make sure that the hospital or medical establishment where you work allows them. However, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your work it shouldn’t be a problem, and it can be a great way to get a few laughs and bring some happiness into the lives of people who are in your care.

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