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Stethoscopes for EMT and Paramedics

EMT-StethoscopeIn this modern day world, the demands on EMT and paramedic staff are huge. For this reason, it’s very important that they have a range of different tools and medical instruments that can help them diagnose and treat patients in the quickest way possible. One such piece of equipment is the stethoscope for EMT and paramedics, which we are going to be taking a closer look at below.

The difference between an EMT and paramedic

Before we continue, let’s just clear up any confusion between an EMT and a paramedic. Quite simply, EMT stands for emergency medical technician, which means staff will work in places such as emergency rooms to treat people with life threatening injuries.

Paramedics perform a similar job, although they typically go to the scene of an accident, which means they will need additional training to acquire more skills than an EMT.

So what does this have to do with stethoscopes? Well, although EMT staff and paramedics perform similar roles, the features that they require on a stethoscope will be different, due mainly to the fact that they work in contrasting environments.

For example, a paramedic may have to treat a patient at the side of a busy and noisy road, so ultimately they need a stethoscope for paramedics that blocks out the surrounding noise and allows them to hear the heart and lungs of the patient.

Years ago, stethoscopes were manually operated and difficult to use, and medical staff would spend crucial minutes setting them up and trying to get them to work.

These days things have changed, and due to the demands of modern medicine, the best stethoscopes for paramedics and EMT are reliable, durable, and most importantly, will work quickly so the patient can be treated immediately.

The essential features of a stethoscope for EMT and paramedics:


Any stethoscope for emergency medicine should be lightweight and easy to carry around. Let’s face it, EMT staff and paramedics work with a fast pace and need to move quickly, which would be incredibly hard if the stethoscope was heavy and clumsy.

Correct length of tubing

The best stethoscope for paramedics and EMT also requires the correct length of tubing so they can easily examine the patient. If it is too long then it will almost certainly cause a hazard, while a short tube will not allow easy enough access to the patient.

Affordable price

With the poor economy and many hospitals looking to reduce costs, the best stethoscope for EMT staff should be available at an affordable price that makes it easy to buy in bulk. Of course, the stethoscope should still be made from quality materials and be produced to a high standard, but it must be at a price point that makes sense.

Also, many paramedics often work in high crime rate areas, which means there is the very real risk of getting their stethoscope stolen. With this in mind, they should be able to buy multiple stethoscopes for paramedics throughout the course of a year.


Hopefully you have gained a better insight into what stethoscope for EMT and paramedics is the right one to buy. As you can see, this is not a straight forward process, especially when you consider that there are many stethoscopes for emergency medicine on the market. Take your time and make sure you make the right purchase.

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