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What should we look for in the best electronic stethoscope?

Before we talk about the best electronic stethoscope, we need to know exactly what a stethoscope is. A stethoscope is an acoustic device that is used to listen to the sounds inside the human body. It was invented by French named Rene Laennec in 1816. The acoustic stethoscope has three main parts. They are:

• Chest piece
• Tubing
• Ear piece

The advent of electronic stethoscope

Electronic StethoscopeThere were certain problems regarding the acoustic stethoscopes. The sound levels were too low. It could not be heard clearly. To reduce this problem the electronic stethoscope was introduced. A lot of technical changes were made. According to the best electronic stethoscope review the sound signals were transferred into waves and were emitted through circuits. This was a great innovation as it made the sound very clear. This created a new sensation in the medical industry. There are no doubts about the fact that these electronic stethoscopes were better than the acoustic stethoscopes.

However, according to the best electronic stethoscope review even this product had certain faults. This product had just one chest piece and could not take sounds from both sides. This turned out to be one of the major flaws that lead to the downfall of the product. There was place for better innovation and invention. To help this cause the next segment of stethoscopes were invented.

Amplifying stethoscopes

Amplifying stethoscopes were a better version of the electronic stethoscopes. Even they are electronic stethoscopes. They had their own set of advantages. They tried to eliminate the flaws of the electronic stethoscopes but the amplifying stethoscopes still cannot be called the best electronic stethoscopes. They have their own faults and problems.

This stethoscope uses various software and algorithms to convert the sound signals and make them into output. They can be transferred in the form of emails as well. Any fault in the software or algorithm can give us wrong readings; hence this cannot be trusted completely. A better option was required to be trusted completely.

Digitizing stethoscopes

This is one of the latest types of stethoscopes. According to the best electronic stethoscope review, this stethoscope can convert the sound signals it receives into digital signals. These signals can be shared in real time. This makes the work of a doctor a lot easier. Almost all the flaws were removed when this stethoscope was launched in the market.

The working of these stethoscopes may sound a little complicated. They gather the sound signals and convert them into electrical energy. These electrical waves are run through circuits where they are filtered and amplified to the best possible unit in order to give us the most accurate reading. These are instruments that can encode and decode data on their own. They are high tech machines made to serve the human society. In the modern world all the big hospitals and doctors prefer to use this stethoscope compared to any other stethoscope. So far this is the best.

Some features on stethoscopes that you need to look into are

1) Power

All electronic stethoscopes require a certain amount of power to run the circuits in the stethoscope. When you are looking to buy a stethoscope you must look to buy the one that requires the least amount of power consumption. You can also try the stethoscopes that support rechargeable battery. That reduces the cost of buying new batteries every single time. The power consumption depends on various things like LED and circuits so you need to make the wise decision when you are thinking of buying the best electronic stethoscope.

2) Auto Power

It is important to save battery life and power even in a stethoscope. This is not possible unless it is plugged in with power. What the producers have started doing is that, they have decided to use auto shut off options in some of the stethoscopes. The auto shut off timing may vary in different stethoscopes. You can also adjust the timing all by yourself. The auto shut off feature helps the people to save battery life and power in the long run. This feature was most applicable when it was paired with a settings application.

3) Volume control and amplification

The electric stethoscopes can take the acoustic sound waves and convert them into electrical signals. When the signals go through the internal circuits of the stethoscope, they come across an amplifying agent that helps in amplifying the signals. The units have volume buttons so that you can regulate the volume according to your requirement. In some electronic stethoscopes the amplifying can be turned off when it is not required. This helps to save the battery power. But one problem stands out with these units is that when the chest piece is placed over clothing the sound gets distorted and the correct readings cannot be given.

4) Noise reduction

There are excess of other noises that enter the stethoscope from the air as well as the patient’s body. These noises can be reduced in the latest stethoscopes. These stethoscopes have a noise cancelling circuit that come in very handy. The level of sound that is cancelled by the stethoscope may vary from one manufacturer to other manufacturer. By reducing other noises these stethoscopes give us the accurate readings. That is why these are the best electronic stethoscope.

Once you keep these features in mind it makes your work a lot easier. If you follow them then you will be sure that you are on your way to buy the best electronic stethoscope. Buying the best electronic stethoscope is not a matter of joke. It requires a lot of expertise. Any fault created in the process may lead to you buying the wrong instrument. It would be better if you can take an expert along with you while buying the product. The expert will be able to help you in the best way. Check out the warranty features as well when you buy a stethoscope.

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