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Which out of the Best Littmann Stethoscopes is the best?

Best-Littmann-StethoscopeThe Best Littmann Stethoscope is generally found to feature in the top list of the best available stethoscopes in the market. The finesse and the elegant design that each of the stethoscopes of this kind possess is worth complimenting. However the most commonly asked question is which one out of the Littmann series is the best stethoscope that can be used. There are various stethoscopes in the market belonging to the same series that are designed in such a way that their operating mechanism meets the requirements of the user and is therefore tailor made for different purposes.

The stethoscopes due to their varying ways of operation, vary while preference from a doctor or from a nurse or from someone who is a medical student. The basic comparison between the different Littmann stethoscopes provides a rough idea about the most useful device and also outlines some of the features of the respective stethoscopes.

The Different Littmann Stethoscopes

1) Littmann Cardiology III

This is a black tubular medical instrument like any other ordinary stethoscope and is one amongst the best Littmann stethoscope. It is generally black in colour with the chest piece formed from machined stainless steel.

The device belongs to the cardiology III of the manufacturing series. It weighs around 1 pound and is about 27 inches long. The two sides of the chest piece increases its functionality and accounts for enhanced auscultation results with its one side meant specifically for the paediatric patients whilst the opposite side is meant for general assessment of the adult body. The double tuneable diaphragms are accurate enough to note even the slightest of pressure changes in the surrounding environment.

Besides it is also highly sensitive to the high and low frequency sounds and is able to capture all the frequencies with ease. The two in one dual lumen gets rid of any noise interference arising out of the external rubber tubes. The conversion of the paediatric side to the open bell for low frequencies by using the non-chill sleeves is a factor that accounts for the high versatility of the medical instrument.

2) Littmann Master Classic II

It is one of the black tubular 27 inch best stethoscopes that are pretty much similar in appearance to the one mentioned above. The item weighs approximately about 0.34 pounds.

The superior acoustic accuracy coupled with the ergonomic design and has a considerably reliable diagnostic performance. The diaphragm is able to recognise subtle changes in pressure and frequency in the external environment. The headset is designed with anatomical precision which makes it easy to be fitted within the ear canals. The diaphragm and the non-chill rim can be attributed to its comforting aspect which consequently makes it user friendly. The material is made free from any kind of latex to help the cause for the users who are sensitive to allergies.

3) Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

This black device has a polished chest piece made out of stainless steel and typically weighs around 0.39 pounds with a standard length of about 27 inches. The instrument delivers high quality acoustic results with an eye catching design. The tuneable diaphragms are highly sensitive and function exactly in the same way as it does in any other stethoscopes of the Littmann line up.

There is also a special adaptor that is implemented for the best possible auscultation results for paediatric and infant patients. This aspect of the device is responsible for adding versatility to the medical instrument. The headset in here is also anatomically designed to provide comfort to the ears of the user which makes it one of the best stethoscopes for doctors.

Cheaper Pricing Deals

There are some of the stethoscopes that are on the expensive side when it comes to the pricing. To help out the users with their tight budget there are certain online retailing platforms that have come up with significant discount rates enabling the customers to buy the instrument for anything subsequently lower than the market price? The most versatile ones that are available in the market are essentially the ones that feature in the Littmann line up.

The deals on the best Littmann stethoscope are highly affordable and are tailor made for people who want to use the stethoscopes keeping both the multiple services and quality in mind.

Stethoscope Accessories

In spite of being well packaged the best stethoscopes require some accessories to operate independently and well enough. However there are some accessories which are of lesser significance and are hence not included in the original package by the manufacturers.

1) Covers

The protective cover keeps it clean at all the time and in a way prevents the device from getting eventually damaged by the frequent use. The covers are of utmost importance to the well-being of the stethoscopes and are not that expensive either.

2) Tags

The stethoscope tags are of considerable importance if the user is working in unison with his or her colleagues which might involve borrowing the instrument more often than not. Tagging the stethoscope helps in a way and prevents the instrument from getting misplaced.

3) Ear Lobes

An extra ear lobe pair is a must for all the stethoscope users. The ear tips of the stethoscopes are the ones that deteriorate the most easily and quickly and consequently cause discomfort to the user. This in turn also affects the ability to perceive the heart sounds. Replacing the tips with new ones might help to get rid of this inconvenience.

Reviews of Different Stethoscopes

The review provides the appropriate answer as to when be the best time of changing the medical instrument. Most of the doctors and nurses tend to move on their stethoscopes eventually considering the traditional practices that make the user to believe that their stethoscope has become outdated.

The superior electronic stethoscopes on the contrary are highly affordable and allow the user to easily identify murmur sounds courtesy of its acoustic features. The electronic devices are the best stethoscopes for doctors which also amplify the heart sound 18 times more than what is audible with the orthodox type of stethoscopes. It is mainly for all these reason that majority of the medical professionals are now using the best Littmann stethoscope.

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